Saturday, April 21, 2007

About Filled With Water

Anoka feels deep emptiness until she walks into a TV and her heart begins to glow for the ballerina inside. But she learns filling her heart can mean breaking it, when the one you love craves a stronger desire.

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Running Time-----5 minutes
Format-----------Beta SP & DVD
Aspect Ratio------16:9
Frame Rate-------25 frames per second
Country of Origin-----Australia
Film Completed-----December 2006
Production Company-----The Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne

Writer, Director, Animator-------Elka Kerkhofs
Producer---------------------Donna Molan
Supervising Producers------Paul Fletcher and Robert Stephenson
Rotoscoped Anoka-----------Kye Plunkett
Life Anoka-----------------Sarah Grimmer
Ballerina------------------Louise Williams
Voice over Anoka-----------Eryn Jean Norvill
DOP-------------------------Kye Plunkett
Production Assistant-------Maria Karagiozakis
Editor------------------Elka Kerkhofs
Online Editor---------Declan Mclougan
Sound Designer and Mixer---------------Ben Hurt

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